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A story for children

8/10/08 06:11 pm

Last night I was biking really late and saw TWO flying squirrels. I think they might be attracted to my bike or something, the squeaking sound it makes when I ride it sounds just like the squeaking that they make.

6/15/08 01:46 am


6/1/08 08:54 am - Party Is Fun

This past year in Edmonton has been amazing. Here are some clips of what my living room was like on Friday night.

4/26/08 02:52 pm


3/30/08 01:18 pm

I get to meet Jane Goodall next week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2/15/08 08:03 pm

Yesterday was the best Valentine's day ever. I made no physical contact with anyone and took the afternoon off work to perform at a noise show in the Grant MacEwan Arts Campus cafeteria. In short I had a really good Valentine's Day by making everyone else's Valentine's Day unbearable. I also watched westerns late at night.

Life is awesome.

1/25/08 07:07 pm - Sleeper

This afternoon I watched the best movie ever made.

12/28/07 09:10 pm


2007 has been pretty shitty.

2008 will probably be better.

a poem i wrote about mark twain:

puke as fuck
jenkem as huck
buck finn
nigger gym
eye ess ess eye ess ess eye pee pee eye
c¬O_O -------------------------- piss


11/4/07 04:46 pm

It snowed last night for the first time of the year and it was also the time change for daylight savings.

This morning everything seemed magical. Time was different, the sun was higher, and the snow had a nice sparkle to it.

This is one of the best times of year.

8/21/07 08:48 pm

Lots of people on the internet seem to have a big problem with science. But, well, we know from fossils that dinosaurs inhabited the earth a really long time ago. And think about it, man, where did mediaeval dragons come from? It's fuckin' evolution!
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